What is The Cleaning Store?


he Cleaning Store is a professional garment care cleaning and finishing business which caters to the personal wardrobes of men, women and children. Forenta and your local Forenta Distributor have developed The Cleaning Store concept, combining the newest in technology and environmentally-friendly equipment along with professional training to get you started. We have included everything you need to be successful in a new business of your own!  Furthermore, "The Cleaning Store" is not a franchise.

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"When we started the Champion Cleaners Franchise program we researched every dry cleaning equipment manufacturer in the world. We had a guideline that every manufacturer was graded on, and Forenta was far and above the leader in the industry.

Being a young and growing franchise company, Forenta's technical support and experience has been invaluable. Just knowing that with one phone call to Forenta we will gain from over 50 years of experience in the dry cleaning industry is extremely comforting."

D. Ray Oldham
Chief Executive Officer
Champion Cleaners Franchise, Inc.

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Why The Cleaning Store?

Services offered by The Cleaning Store

What is included with The Cleaning Store?

Financing The Cleaning Store

The Steps for you to take


  • YOU can OWN this exciting business!

  • Be a part of the $6 billion/year Dry Cleaning Industry.

  • Financing referrals available on a complete "turn-key" business opportunity.*



*Important Information

The information contained in this new business opportunity prospectus is provided for general consideration and initial business discussion purposes only. Forenta has used reasonable care to furnish complete and accurate information regarding "The Cleaning Store" business concept described herein, but Forenta shall have no liability to recipients of this information for any errors or omissions. Forenta makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the recipient's ability to derive income from the business opportunities described herein. Furthermore, Forenta does not provide or approve financing.  Additionally, "The Cleaning Store" concept is not a franchise.  Nothing contained in these materials regarding Forenta equipment and/or "The Cleaning Store" business concept is intended to constitute an offer to sell or solicitation, of securities or investments of any kind under any federal or state securities law.