Services offered by The Cleaning Store


The professional dry cleaner is extremely diversified in services offered:

Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning of Customers' Garments

Wedding Gowns and Special Appliqué Garments

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Shirts and Laundry Service

One Hour Service

Drapery Cleaning


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Today's modern cleaning store is efficient, with energy-saving and labor-saving equipment designed to produce the finest results at minimal costs. And, of course, all equipment manufactured by Forenta for today's dry cleaning facilities meet all EPA and OSHA requirements.


"When Sandy and I decided to equip our new plant, we decided on Forenta. I have operated Forenta equipment since 1976 and in my opinion, Forenta created the standard for pneumatic finishing equipment. Forenta's (F) series presses have given us the ultimate in operation comfort and production quality.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, the use of standardized parts and overall design, Forenta makes repairs as easy as changing a light bulb.

The outstanding warranty on all Forenta bucks and heads gives me an extra level of comfort when making equipment purchases.

Far above the rest, is the professional organization of Forenta. From sales representatives and technical representatives, to parts department employees, they all share the commitment to insure the total satisfaction of today's drycleaner.

With all the great support offered by Forenta, I have the time to give my customer the attention they deserve.

Forenta's commitment to the future, as well as the past, allows them to create finishing equipment that is not only reliable and easy to operate, it's affordable."

Joe and Sandy Waite
Platinum Coast Dry Cleaners, Inc.

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What is included with The Cleaning Store?

Financing The Cleaning Store

The Steps for you to take


  • YOU can OWN this exciting business!

  • Be a part of the $6 billion/year Dry Cleaning Industry.

  • Financing referrals available on a complete "turn-key" business opportunity.*



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